Wednesday, January 28, 2009

M.P. by O.P. (and more!)

Greetings from very snowy Blue Mountain, Ontario. I am here for two days for my work and wanted to try to do a quick post in between relaxing in the hot tub and going to socialize with some of our clients. (yes, it's a rough life some days ;-) )

Margaret Butler sent me this picture of her completed stocking a couple of weeks ago....but it just took a while for it to make it to the scanner. This, by no means, has anything to do with how I much I liked it. I think that Margaret did a great job, and as a Northern girl, I am always partial to moose ;-) I cannot say enough about how nice it is to see other people's completed projects. Thanks for sending this in Margaret ;-)

I've been hoarding these next two pictures for a week or so, but I guess this is as good a time as any for sharing. AJ discovered these oldies when she was cleaning house a couple of weeks ago. This first picture shows the very first stockings she ever made. They were made as a gift for Anne Ashworth and her family in 1976.

A year later, she made some more stockings for her own family. While they are all a little different from the ones I make today, it's easy to see the evolution.