Tuesday, February 07, 2012

another over-dyed knit

I started this process late last year.....and it's still continuing – refashioning some of the items in my closet that are seldom worn, but over-dyeing, embellishing or modifying. Back at the beginning of January, I gave my seldom-worn Abalone a versatile cast of Teal (I think - it seems like eons ago now). I've been delaying posting about it because I wanted to take some better, less-rushed pictures of the 'after'....alas that hasn't happened, and I latched onto it as a post topic for today (before I rush out of the house and head to Toronto).

Although lovely, the original colourway (above) just didn't match the rest of my clothes. I only really had one long-sleeve that looked good under it, and if it was in the laundry hamper......
I am wishing that it was a little less subdued (it's not quite as dull as it appears in the picture, but close).....but I guess that is what happens when you rush head-first into something, and take a gamble. Even so, the over-dyed version (below) is infinitely more wearable, looks great with jeans, and works with at least half of my tops. I've probably already worn it almost as much since it was over-dyed as I did before. Mission accomplished!

P.S. Thanks for all of the Jumbo love yesterday - both in the always-so-wonderful-to-receive comments on the post and privately. It truly is a labour of love – with a smidgen or five of ambition mixed in! I am definitely looking forward to the day when it is done and I feel free to start some of the new hooking projects that have been running around in my mind, testing my willpower for the past few months.

P.P.S. Posts might be a bit irregular over the next couple of days. My plans of 'blogging ahead' on the weekend just didn't come to fruition. I will wait and see if inspiration strikes on my travels...