Monday, February 06, 2012

Week 35: 68 square feet

I started this past week with a bang, as far as hooking is concerned – hooking almost a square foot on both Monday and Tuesday. Which was a good thing, since I was away for a couple of days after than and I had a bunch of errands and odd jobs that required a bunch of my time on the weekend. All of this means that I hooked almost as much in one week as I hooked in the previous 2 weeks....and I've completed half of this second long side of the border – and the whole border is now half-hooked! Yippee!

I am now more eager than ever to 'just get 'er done'....and hope that I can meet my self-imposed deadline of having it completely finished (including the steaming and binding) by the end of March. Cross my fingers - and toes!

What I learned this week is that some days I just hook faster than others. Take yesterday, for example, when I hooked just 7 squares in about the same time as I was hooking 14 squares earlier in the week. I think I was just tired. And maybe a bit distracted. Yeah, I think that is it. Hopefully I don't have that problem again this week - I'm away on a business trip again this week. Not being here for 3 days will crimp my style a little, but hopefully I can play catch up on the weekend, again.

Happy Monday everyone!