Wednesday, February 15, 2012

do you Static Guard?

I realize that I've been cutting a large amount of wool lately, and that it's winter (and subsequently drier inside than at other times of the year).....but man, the static in my wool is crazy nuts. It's been winter before and I've cut just as much - or more - wool at once, but I've never had the static problem like I have right now. I took this picture this morning - it shows the amount of static on the first cut since Saturday.

I've tried lots of things to date, including applying lots of hand cream before cutting, lightly spritzing the wool to be cut with a flick of water, rubbing down the cutter with a dryer sheet, and even a quick spurt of hairspray on the wool, and my option of last resort: ignoring it and hoping it goes away will soon be impossibly to maintain. Yesterday I broke down and picked up a can of Static Guard - something I haven't bought since the 90s...back when I was wearing pantyhose to work most days. But before I start my own experimenting, I thought I'd ask whether any of you tried it? With any success? Do you spray the wool or (horror!) the cutter? Do you have any other ideas on eliminating the static?

– Desperately seeking refuge from static electricity