Thursday, February 02, 2012

Postcards from Niagara Falls * UPDATED *

I just arrived home from Niagara Falls....and wanted to share a little bit about my quick trip. Although I was there for work, I did manage to squeeze in a few fun things, too.

After arriving in the late afternoon, my boss and I decided to go for a walk along 'the strip' (of tacky museums and amusements on Clifton Hill) right beside our hotel. We quickly changed our minds and started out on a walk down to see the Falls first - before it got dark. It was a wise choice, since it was a rare opportunity to get so close without having to squeeze our way through hoards of people. In fact, there were hardly any people! We practically had the whole place to ourselves – during the walk from the bridge to the US all of the way past both sets of Falls to top (where you can look down on the water before it goes over the Horseshoe Falls) we only encountered about 20 other people.

After you get over the feeling of being on a movie set after hours and once you can ignore all of the tacky-tourist attractions (which is quite easy to do when you're looking at the Falls), it was really quite lovely. I was surprised to notice how loud the got, the closer we walked. My boss said he wanted to get as close as we could go (on this side of the railing!)....and we did that. Our hair got soaked in the process, because of all of the mist, but I was so glad to have gone for the walk. I end up making this trip every year, but this is the first time I've actually gone down and walked along the edge. Of course I've been before in the summertime, but always when the place is swimming with other tourists. It was definitely a treat, and I would encourage anyone to go in the off-season if they really want to enjoy the natural wonder that it is.

And, if you do go, I cannot recommend the Syndicate Brewery enough. The prices are too-good-to-be-true ($20 for a 3 course meal of gastro-pub fare), service is great, food is delicious, and the brew is, too. We did a taster flight (1/4 pints of 4 beers of your choice) and my favourite was the Logger Lager.

We ate supper there last year, too, and I really wanted to return because it was so good. Even though our expectations were high, they did not disappoint! Mmmmmmm....

I originally pecked out a full post using BlogPress this morning....only to have it completely vanish into thin air. So I quickly posted a couple of pictures and have just now reposted better quality images from home and more text.