Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 38: 77.875 square feet

This week's recap is a bit early, since I'm heading out early tomorrow morning and won't get another chance to hook again until it's 'next' week. Despite the short week, I'm pretty happy with my progress and hopeful that I can finish off this end on the weekend that I return - right at the beginning of March.

I read the funniest thing on someone's blog the other day - I'm still chuckling about it a few days later. I can't remember where it was, but basically the blogger had been crocheting a huge (and gloriously colourful) afghan for the past couple of months, and blogging the process. One night she mentioned to her husband how she couldn't wait to be finished, and he replied, "I bet your readers can't wait either." I can relate - and I'm sure you can, my apologies for all of the Jumbo talk over the last couple of years. It will soon be over - I promise (or I will die trying....) - and I, for one, am so looking forward to starting (and sharing!) some new and different projects soon. Oh, so soon.....just 12.125 square feet from now! :-D

P.S. I had grandiose plans of pre-writing a few blog posts or at least taking a bunch of pictures for more of my 'knit parade', but alas just never seemed to make the time (and hooked instead). I will try to blog a bit from the road, even if it's just to post a picture of something interesting I happen upon in my travels....but I expect things will probably be a little quiet around here for the next week or so. Back soon...