Thursday, February 16, 2012

it worked!

Julia left a comment yesterday, suggesting that I might want to consider getting a humidifier. So last night, I did a little experiment, and boiled a pot (and a half) of water on the stove. I wanted to scent the water a bit, so I scavenged in the cupboard and happened upon some ancient vanilla beans. I snipped a little piece off and added it to the pot, and while the water might look a little scummy, it released a delicate scent.

A few minutes after I turned off the element, I decided to try cutting some wool and see what happened....and there was NO STATIC! I was hoping that this was the quick, cheap, easy fix that I was looking for, but I was still a little surprised that it worked!

What is really funny is that I haven't really thought of my place as being dry.....but I guess it is. So thanks Julia - you've saved my sanity! :-D