Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fabulousness and Favourites

I missed last week, by accident. Sorry....sickness intervened, and it just disappeared in the night from my mental to-do list.

:: Mollie Makes magazine and blog. I had seen mention of this relatively new UK crafty magazine on blogs, but forgot all about it until I saw it on the newsstands when I was in England last Fall. Naturally I picked one up...and loved it. I was happy to rediscover it in Chapter's last week....and even happier when I read inside that there is a digital version available for a fraction of the price of the hardcopy The magazine sells for £4.99 in the UK (equals approx $7.50Cdn) ...but sells $13.75 at Chapters. A digital subscription is just 64.99 for 13 issues (less than the price of 5 hardcopy issues at Chapters)

:: The urge to sew with felted sweaters continues, thanks to Belle Armoire magazine and discovering Katwise's wonderful many-sweater coats. Now I don't think I would have the gumption to wear an exact replica....but I can dream.....and create my own cardi.

:: Speaking of sewing with felted sweaters...check out these baby blankets and this bigger blanket. Love!

:: One of these days I want to learn how to crochet.....and then I want to play with colour, like Eclectic Gipsyland and Ceitaspasaule and many others....

:: I've been periodically checking out Pinterest....and tried to join, but my invitation didn't work (I think it's because I didn't have FB, and the delay - while I set up a special FB just for it - caused a problem....but that's a whole other story). Definitely lots of eye candy on there, but it's easy to get overstimulated and feel like everyone else is so perfect. In my research, though, I discovered something quite cool for other bloggers....Did you know that you can see what images people are pulling off/pinning to, from your blog? Copy and paste the following into your browser:
(of course you need to remove my blog name and add your own. It will also work for other blog platforms and some websites, too .....)