Wednesday, January 04, 2012

blanket - day 2

I was a little sad when I added on some needle extensions so I could the blanket spread out a bit better -- for all of my knitting yesterday and so far today, I really haven't made much progress. Well, not as much as I would have thought, at least. This prompted me to count the stitches and I realized there are more than 350 at this point -- and still growing at a rate of 8 stitches every 2 I will be over 400 in no time. And, it will be a few days before I am ready to cast off.

My curiosity of seeing what each new round of colour will bring and how it changes the look of everything that was knit beforehand is keeping me motivated, while the large, heavy mound of knitting in my lap is keeping me warm! ;-)

Hope you're having fun making things and staying's another snowy day outside.