Wednesday, January 11, 2012

holiday handmades (belated)

I'm a little late is sharing these snaps....but you know what they say: better late than never! :-)
While I don't feel as though I made quite as many of my own gifts as I have in previous years, I certainly seemed to receive a good share.

Of course, it all began with my uncle's stained glass, and quickly resumed with a sweet little snowman hooked by Elaine (I'm sure you can spot him in a photo below....), followed by this wonderful hat that Wendie knit for me....

It's a great pattern - and wonderfully executed. I've received comments and compliments on it almost every time I've worn it...and several requests for me to make others. I haven't said yes yet to anyone, but I'm more than happy to share the pattern (better yet, it's a free one!). It's called Capucine and you can find it on Ravelry here along with details and pictures of almost 2000 projects, or if you're not a member, directly on the maker's blog here.

On Christmas morning, one of my first presents was a bit of a re-gift. A couple of years ago (maybe even 3?), she gave me her newly completed version of Emily Carr's Sombreness Sunlit (licensed pattern available here)....with a promise of getting my Dad to make a frame for it. It's been sitting (and waiting...and hiding) in the back bedroom of their house for some time now, but I am pleased that it's finally framed and ready to hang on the wall. Now I just need to find a spot on the wall and do some shuffling.....

My dad made me a collapsible, adjustable, portable wooden swift, using cherry harvested from their land....

I know that this swift is something I am going to use and treasure for the rest of my life. So handy for skeins I dye and skeins I buy. I've already given it several test runs and cannot offer any suggestions for improvement – it works like a charm!

The last photo of this year's handmades wasn't made by the gifter, but they're a wonderful momento from another great trip: handwoven tea towels from PEI. Drying dishes with a handwoven tea towel makes the chore actually enjoyable. As I remember, those at Belfast Mini Mills were very reasonably priced.

Nothing says love quite like giving a gift that you made yourself. I'm a pretty lucky girl.