Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fabulousness and Favourites

After five years of blogging, I'm hoping to mix things up a bit and start adding some new features to this here place. One idea I had was to start posting a list of fabulous finds and some of my favourite things on Fridays. Some weeks there may be just one item, and other times there may be fifteen things on the list -- it's all new, so I'm sure it will evolve as the year unfolds. Here is my list for this week....

:: One Line a Day Journal. Discovered here. I ordered mine last weekend and it arrived yesterday. I've often contemplated writing a journal, but it seems like too much of a big commitment -- and what if someone else sat down and read it?!?!?!? I think this is just my speed -- totally achievable....and hey, not a lot of room for too much foolishness! :-D

:: A Lifetime of Rug Hooking by Doris Eaton. I ordered Doris' book last fall from Deanne....and just never got around to posting at the time, but it is - by far - the best rug hooking book I've read in a very long time, and if I'm being honest, the only one I've actually read from cover to cover in years. If you haven't seen it yet, I can't recommend it enough.

:: Apple tv. After both of my sisters got them for Christmas, I had to at least try to keep up, so now have my own. It's been great for watching Netflix on my tv without having to mess about with any cords. Plus, I can easily access all of my music, movies, etc. from my computer and play on my tv. It all makes for perfect background noise while I sit and hook.

:: Downton Abby. When I was in England last Fall, everyone was gushing about this show....and I knew I would have to check it out when I got home -- but I didn't want to start watching it mid-season, so I patiently waited. Over the holidays, I downloaded all of Season 1 on itunes for $9.99 and watched it together with my mum and dad. We all loved it! Season 2 airs on PBS on Sunday nights, starting last week.

:: Actor Tim Roth. I'm crushing on him after my marathon of watching all of the episodes from three seasons of Lie to Me (and wishing the whole time that it wouldn't end). I tried revisiting more of his past work, including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Rob Roy, Four Rooms and the Legend of 1900 (all on Netflix, by the way!)....but the younger version is just not as appealing somehow. I guess I'm getting older....LOL!