Monday, January 02, 2012

happy new year

Yesterday was our last en masse gathering, and I'm back home again after celebrating a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Today I begin to slowly settle into my own routine and the wonderful promise of a brand new year. I started my day today with the last of the treats: a couple of pieces of biscotti that my cousins made and brought to share yesterday, alongside my morning coffee. And so the continuous feasting is ended for another year. It's time for the "normal" to return....and a bit of balance wouldn't hurt, either.

I'm trying to start the new year in a positive way this year, setting the scene for a productive and creative year. This week is a bit of a special gift for me - I don't return to work until the 9th - and I've decided to give myself the gift of free time. So often I feel burdened by a long list of projects and mundane tasks that need doing, that I don't always take time to just play and see where inspiration takes me. Less important or necessary jobs constantly get shoved down on the list - and sometime even right off the page! - but not this week. This week I am going to just do what I like, when I want, and hopefully without too much concern for the 'undone'. I don't think it will always be easy (especially with 92 items in my inbox...yikes!), but I'm curious to see what the week brings.

This year I'm hoping to... read more (the goal of a book every 2 weeks was unfulfilled last year, so I'm trying again), blog more (posting every week day), hook more (no forced sabatical injuries, please!), shrink more (continued focus on health and wellness), and create more (including refashioning more clothing and even sewing some of my own clothes). It sounds pretty ambitious, I know....but there is nothing more exciting than the promise of a new year -- even if it's really just new pictures on a different calendar. An easy opportunity or excuse for anyone wanting to make some changes...and so I am.