Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fabulousness and Favourites

This week is a little bit of a last-minute scramble to put together a list....but here goes....

:: Liberty introduced their Spring/Summer 2012 fabrics. You can see all of the gorgeous colourways here.....I've been drooling over them all day, and would love some company. There are some very pretty prints in this collection that I'd love to splurge on and add to my stash....but not until I get my first quilt sewn from my London souvenir stack. On my 'one day' list is to make a dress from Tana Lawn.....but I will wait and buy the fabric that sings to me when I'm actually ready to sew it (and wear it! :-D)

:: I recently discovered Tiny Owl Knits and their super cute patterns. I followed the link on Dulcy's blog a couple of weeks ago and even knit my first felted ring! I think these hats will make great Christmas gifts next year for some of the littles in my life....and this reminds me of the real Mr. Foxy that lived in the dress up box at my Nanna and Poppa's house-- oh, how glamourous we felt with it clipped on our necks..

:: The Doris Eaton book I mentioned last week is also available in hardcover. I wish I'd known it before....since it's really going to be a 'forever book' for me.

:: I downloaded Instagram app for my iPhone this week....and it's made taking photos using my phone a lot more fun - and the photos more interesting IMHO. I'm consistently amazed at how much better (like other world better) my new iPhone 4S photos are compared to my old 3G phone. It's not longer a complete catastrophe if I forget my camera at home....yippee!

Have a great weekend everyone -- I'll be busy hooking up a storm, in an effort to catch up with Christine. I think at this point the only thing that is going to help me win is a broken leg or ankle that keeps me at home....but maybe there is still hope!