Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am stuck....

...but not necessarily on Band-aid brand!
Lately a little pile of (new!) adhesive bandages has become a permanent fixture beside my hooking station. It's not because I keep catching skin on my gripper frames – but because I've been using them as friction padding.

Years ago I had ambitions of becoming a wood carver, so I requested a carving set for Lee Valley for Christmas. My dad added a roll of friction tape to my gift....and while I can honestly say that I haven't yet carved a single Santa, that friction tape came in quite handy during some previous marathon hooking sessions.

With some long days of hooking lately, I've been reminded of that tape, and rather than hunt for it, I grabbed for a quicker solution: band-aids. They aren't just for cuts and scrapes, you know!

Since I don't always hold my hook the same way, or even pull my loops in exactly the same motion all of the time.....different parts of my hand seem to rub at various times. Since the spots seem to change, I don't seem to develop much of a protective callus. The band-aids have done a good job so far of preventing a single blister from having a chance. They also come in handy if I have a shredded cuticle/forefinger that is being irritated by the constant rubbing along the top of my work.

I only use the fabric bandages (whatever is on sale), since they are breathable, a lot more comfortable and really seem to stay in place (until I accidentally wash my hands...and then I find the easiest way to remove it is to just cut it off – running the scissors in behind the padded section).

Of course, the real solution might be to just slow down and pace myself....but I know that is not going to happen: I only have two speeds....and one of them is Stop! :-D