Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 32: 58.81 square feet

Although I didn't pull any loops on Jumbo this past week, the counter still adds another week. You see, I'm keeping track of how long it's really taking me to hook this rug -- both weeks when I'm actually hooking and also those when I plan/want/expect to hook, but for whatever reason it just doesn't happen. This week was one of those weeks.

Truth be told, my reintegration to work was not a gentle one....and most every night I can home feeling tired. My brain and my body were both too tired to try to figure out where I needed to start hooking, calculate the shape sizes (notes? what notes...? LOL!) and whether or not it should be a light square or a dark square in the corners. So instead I read, and read some more, watched TV, ate birthday cake, and did some general crafting -- kinda like my 'holiday week', but with more shorter days and several long interruptions :-)

So yesterday, after scrutinizing pictures, flipping them around, counting, re-calculating, sketching, drawing and double-checking, I am feeling pretty confident that I am actually ready to start hooking. But to be certain, I will have one last triple-check tonight....'cause there is the potential for a major screw-up, and I don't want to figure it out only after hooking another 15+ square feet. That would require medication. A lot of medication.