Thursday, January 05, 2012

blanket - day 3

All day yesterday I was obsessing about the bright pink strip I had hooked in the wee hours of the night before - I had rejected the ball earlier in the day, but in a moment of weakness my eyes tricked me into thinking it was more purple than pink. More than once I've considered ripping back (one area where rug hooking is very forgiving - you can evict any portion, at any time, without having to rip out anything else to get to it), but late in the day yesterday I decided to stop considering elimination as a option and instead to treat it as a challenge and do my best to 'make it work'.

I am liking it a bit more, and I'm hoping that the square I'm working on now will go a long way in tying it all together. It's a similar colour, but a different yarn. I'm taking a few risks with this project - it is my self-imposed 'play week', after all - but as I knit, I can't help but imagine what a safer combination of colours might have yielded. Lucky for me, I doubt this will be my first and final such I'm lining up all sorts of possible plans for future throws.

The knitting has been quite therapeutic this week, not only giving me a great excuse to sit still, watch old shows (currently on season 2 of Lie to Me....and loving it), and relax with my thoughts.....but it's also been a source of reflection of past knitting projects, travels, and friendships. Those little balls of yarn carry more than just colour and texture, you know....they've been acquired and collected over the past 15 or so years. That's a lot of memories.... ;-)