Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the start of a blanket

....and not just another blanketing of snow! (Mother Nature has been busy and making up for lost time since Christmas, with new snow arriving almost daily).

When I was at Heather's last Fall, I fell in love with her gorgeous knitted throws -- in addition to many other things. And in spite of the pattern practically burning a hole in my pocket, I delayed starting one. No longer.

After a few false starts on other things yesterday, I decided that what I really felt like doing was curling up on the couch, watching Netflix (seasons of TV shows without commercials is like a movie that never ends) and knitting. I initially thought that I just wanted to work on a 'small' project, and so I started knitting a bracelet to be felted in the wash (yet another inspired by Heather project). My test piece is knitted and sewn and just waiting for later in the week when I do laundry for the final finishing. I can't really knit more until I know if my dimensions are going to work, so I was soon needing another project.

After rejecting several ideas -- and acknowledging that I really don't need another sweater or vest at the moment, with those I recently completed over the holidays -- I finally settled on the blanket. In spite of it's size (and many hours needed to finish), it will be totally practical AND it will use up bits and balls from my yarn bins. The only downside so far is that the rows are getting longer (now about 2 feet on each side), and taking more time to knit.....so by the time I finish one colour, I've planned many different 'next' colours and can't remember which to choose. It's a pretty good day when that is your biggest problem! :-D

P.S. I've just finished catching up on all of my e-mails....so if you are still waiting to hear back from me, I don't think it ever arrived (it's come to my attention recently that not all e-mails make it to their final destination -- where they end up, I'm not quite sure....but I just know they didn't get there.)