Monday, January 09, 2012

ready for the week

I spent most of this weekend puttering around....and avoiding starting on any large, ambitious projects. To sate my desire to start knitting a second blanket, I decided that I would reorganize my yarn and tidy it up, so that it was all ready when I was really ready to start (which was not this weekend -- I really need to resume work on Jumbo this week. My holiday is over :-) )

The good news is that my long-dyeing ball winder has suddenly gotten a second wind and is no longer making increasingly poorer balls. Another good discovery is that a little bit of washi tape does a great job of keeping slightly wonky balls or slippery balls contained. When it was all back in the bins I was surprised at how much they've dwindled with the knitting of the blanket....and I'm sure there will be pretty slim pickings once a second blanket has been finished.

Gotta jet now, is also my first day back at work - but I was determined to get a quick post out before I head out the door. Happy Monday!