Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 33: 61 square feet

Pretty good progress considering I only really hooked yesterday -- and I had a bit of a rough start. During one of my many avoidance sessions, I calculated there were 495 (now 475) 3" squares still to be with the checkerboard trim added in, there are just over 32 square feet still to be hooked (or a space about 6.5' by 5'). Now there are a couple of different reactions to discovering this -- and I'm hoping that I am able to continue to see it as motivating (instead of depressing).

I have to go away overnight for work just once this week, so I'm hoping that I can fit it A LOT of hooking every other night when I'm home....and on the weekend, too. I find the momentum of regular hooking can become a bit like a snowball -- and I'm in desperate need of resuscitating this habit.