Tuesday, January 24, 2012

colorways emag

I received an email from Interweave on the weekend....and while I usually just delete most of these things, something caught my eye: Colorways. A few years ago, in one of Deanne's classes, someone had a unique publication all about different types of fibreart. I still can't remember what it was called – only that it was really neat and out of print – but when I saw the cover for Colourways, I immediately thought back to those other periodicals and decided to investigate a bit further. I'm so glad that I did.

There are currently two issues available. The first (Summer 2011 - Mac) focuses on natural dyes and the second one (Fall 2011 - Mac) is all about indigo dyeing – both subjects I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. These are interactive computer-based magazines and while not available in print form.....instead you get wonderful layout, gorgeous pictures, good information and great videos – without harming a single tree! :-) My only regret is that it appears you have to view/read them on an actual computer – I haven't yet found a way to view the content on my iPad.

You can check out the preview tab on any of the links to get a glimpse inside and get answers to FAQs... or you can watch the video embedded above to get a bit more information. Please note: the links above are for people who use Mac -- if you use a PC (windows), you will want to check out these links instead: Summer 2011 - PC and Fall 2011 - PC

The regular price is $4.99 each, but they are on sale until the end of today (Tuesday) for just $2.99 each.....if you're looking for a bargain!